Bikes, Bits and Prototypes

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A photo of a blue e-cargo bike

Alongside our successful bid with Pollenize to the South West Creative Technology Network’s Data Prototyping Programme, we are also being supported with a different, yet equally exciting collaboration between us and Bikespace CIC.

Bikespace is part of a national pilot to trial electric cargo bikes to speed up and green up local goods deliveries. Our project will feature a number of local creative businesses that have signed up to participate in the pilot. We will prototype a set of sensors that fit into each bike and capture a range of data as the bikes travel the city, resulting in numerous data products that can inform urban planning and help bike users plan journeys better.

Other projects have done similar things with data but one of the exciting things about this (apart from the specialised focus on goods deliveries) is the associated work we are doing to discover new ways for the businesses to share data with each other. Data collaborations are an emerging topic of research for organisations like the Open Data Institute and we’re really pleased to be learning from a network of collaborators facilitated by them on this project too. Read more about that here.

You can read more about all the successful data prototyping projects on the SWCTN website.

There’s a lot of work to be done (in fact we’re hiring for a couple of roles to help us) and we can’t wait to see where this project takes us, but for now we’d love to connect with anyone with an interest in the project. Get in touch through our contact page if you’d like to chat and sign up to our newsletter for regular updates on this project and all the other work we’re developing during 2021.

(A photo of a T-Beam that transmits data to a LoRaWan access point)



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