Data Collaborations With the ODI and Microsoft

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We’re delighted to have been announced as one of six organisations taking part in an international peer learning network for data collaborations, hosted by the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Microsoft through Microsoft’s Open Data Campaign.

The goal of the peer learning network is to convene data collaborations of all sizes to enable them to learn from one another and access expert guidance and support to more effectively address the challenges they face.

This provides additional support for our Data Cargo project, which is looking at how insights generated from eCargo bike sensors help City transport planners design more suitable urban environments and, through a trusted data aggregation and sharing process, foster more collaboration between companies involved in the business of local delivery. You can read more about the prototyping part of the project here.

The other five selected data collaborations are:

  • Caring for Equality in Buenos Aires’ Labour Market – Open Data Charter
  • MaaS-Peer – ITS Norway
  • Open data for Non-communicable Diseases – iKure
  • Packaging reuse data – Reath and Zero Waste Scotland
  • Shanghai FinTech Innovation Data Collaboration – Open Data China

Jeni Tennison, Vice President and Chief Strategy Adviser at the ODI, said:

It was exciting to see such a diverse range of projects, from across the globe, wanting to come together to learn from the ODI, Microsoft and, most importantly, each other. The selected data collaborations will seek to use shared and open data to tackle key global issues, including climate change, gender equality and disease control. This peer network should both help them to succeed and provide real world insights into what it takes to have a successful collaboration around data.

Jennifer Yokoyama, Vice President and Chief IP Counsel at Microsoft, said:

We’re delighted to bring together this first cohort of data collaborations for the new peer learning network in partnership with the ODI. The awardees are working on impressive and foundational work across domains and geographies. By assembling these data collaborations we can learn from each other and experts in data sharing, to ultimately help organizations that are looking to get more value from their data.

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