The Data Place is a social enterprise with a mission to provide data services, infrastructure and tools that: support communities through open access to critical data; foster a more collaborative and growing data ecosystem; and provide the means for organisations to better serve themselves and their stakeholders.

Overall we believe that finding, publishing and using open data needs to be easier, more collaborative and offer a much better return on investment for individuals, organisations, communities and the planet as a whole.

As a social enterprise we embrace a business model which does not simply enrich shareholders or pay dividends from our profits. Instead, we have a wide stakeholder focus and a mission to build strong strategic partnerships that help us deliver social impact.

For us, modern data science is a team discipline involving skills as diverse as design, technology, business analysis and development alongside the obvious requirement for data skills. By offering an end-to-end portfolio of services and products across these capabilities we’re committed to enabling everyone to get the most from data.