Data can be hard to navigate: many organisations don’t know where to start, or what to do next to get the most from their data. Through working closely with clients we’ve built a clear and effective portfolio of packages designed to help everyone from charities and small businesses to corporations and governments align their efforts and maximise the opportunities.

Data Toolbox

A package of services to help you get started in improving your data management practices. 

Duration: Two Months

What do you get?

  • GDPR Assessment
  • Data Maturity Audit
  • Data reporting and analytics improvement plan
  • Data Quality assessment and improvement plan
  • Data use improvement plan
  • Training in data analysis for up to 4 people.

Data Roadmap

An intensive strategy programme.

What it covers:

  • Your capabilities and how they evolve to meet your goals
  • How will your infrastructure adapt?
  • How will your systems improve?
  • How will your usage of data change?
  • How will your approach to data change?

Data Sprint

An intensive burst of design-led data prototyping to overcome sticky problems.