From footfall sensors to AI beehives, we’re proud to offer a range of hardware and software that embodies our values and represents our approach to data as a meaningful design material.

Bee Eye

Better understanding of bees means better beekeeping.

BeeEye is a unique system to automatically show your bees behaviour – in real time – capturing and streaming live video and decoding the waggle dance.

Bike Sensors

Understand the cycling experience in depth with our data companion sensor kit.

  • Measures air quality and/or proximity to other road vehicles
  • For the rider, this is a powerful way to discover more about how safe their cycling commute or other routes are
  • Data is held in a trust for sharing with municipal authorities, so they can invest to improve the cycling experience for you
  • Options for fleet managers are available – contact us now

Open Data Platform

Cost-effective, streamlined, open source platforms for open data publishing and data sharing, to support municipalities, research projects, and hyperlocal data communities.

  • Based on the open-source CKAN product
  • Very competitive pricing and fast deployment and data migration
  • Buy direct from us or via G-Cloud
  • Streamline your ability to publish, share, and collaborate on open data
  • Publishing open data is a powerful marketing and transparency tool

Footfall Counters

A range of flexible, cost-effective solutions for measuring the usage patterns of places – at any scale.

  • Different places need different kinds of measurements: remote, less used places can benefit from cheaper low power solutions, whereas high volume locations can utilise different approaches.
  • All our solutions come with a wrap-around service that provides calibration and analysis
  • We have built, deployed and operated several sensor networks
  • We are a social enterprise based in Plymouth, where we have helped the local authority prove the value of it’s green spaces using place analytics
  • Get in touch: We will survey the space you are looking to measure and recommend the best combination of sensors and analytics
  • All our solutions protect anonymity and are GDPR-compliant.
  • Our solutions can measure somewhere as small as a single gateway, or somewhere as big as an entire city.

Building Together

Our products bring together serious prototyping skills with deep data knowledge and a relentless focus on making places better for every living thing. Contact us to discuss how we can help you build prototypes for your unique project.

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