Our Services

Our data, design and strategy services help individuals, organisations and communities transform the world together. See how we can help below.

How can you keep track of all the data you need to use?

Spend less time tracking down data and more time using it to add value with our automation, data collection and publishing, cleaning, organising and visualisation services.

Sensing and Data Acquisition

Open source tools to help with environmental sensing and monitoring.

Data Infrastructure

Low cost solutions to process, transform and store data that take compliance and reuse into account.

Data Quality

Practical advice and help improving data cleanliness and integrity.

Data Modelling

Structuring data for easier sharing, processing and publishing.

How can you demonstrate the value of data investments to your colleagues and develop a compelling business case?

Build support to tackle the issues you see using data visualisation, a demonstrator project or options appraisal and build a business case to invest in your data.

Data Visualisation

Reporting, communicating, generating insights and influencing effectively with your data.

Data Science

Practical data science projects using your data, and help to build your capacity to do more too.

Data Strategy

Generating options and roadmaps for your next steps using data to deliver growth and transformation for your organisation.

Data Solutions Design

Prototyping and design of data-led solutions to your key business problems.

How can you use data to design, build or improve your processes, products and services?

Our data management services can help you transform how you manage and use data quickly and clearly.

Data-Led Marketing

Using analytics and other data approaches to understand your customers better.

Data Design

Data models and technologies to design and build better applications and portability.

Data Quality

Practical advice and help improving data cleanliness and integrity for better business performance.

Data Assessments

Rapid, comprehensive services to help understand your top data priorities and how you’re performing.

How can you build local data skills, resilience, networks and capacity?

We bring a range of training, mapping workshops and practical community building help to improve the resilience of your audience or community network and enhance levels of engagement around your data.

Design and Data Training

Groundbreaking training that combines design thinking with data science.

Data Research

User research and cross-sector workshops to map the data landscape and leverage different perspectives.

Supporting Data Communities

Support and promotion of data initiatives, events, community workshops and public engagement.

Data Platforms

Easy and effective open source data platform build and hosting.