Data Powers for All

We’re The Data Place, a social enterprise made up of data scientists, designers, community builders and strategists helping people and places thrive.

Data Management

Managing data is one of the basics of managing a modern organisation, as the data you collect and process determines the decisions you make – sometimes with dramatic results.

Data Strategy

Your organisation is sitting on a transformational opportunity with its data, but how will you go about recognising that and organising to get the best out of it?

Data Innovation

Working with new ideas to deliver value – whether we are talking about machine learning, data lakes, or AI – really boils down to sound research and testing to go with your innovations.

Human Enterprises

Data is transforming organisations. We drive growth in businesses, charities and institutions through better data management, analysis, and science, and helping build service capacity with a design-led approach to data.

Collaborative Cities

Changing places need changing capabilities. We help to build data sharing, service design and data science capacity in local communities so they can bring forward solutions to the challenges they face.

Connected Nature

Natural spaces are rich in data. We support those who look after the natural environment with sensing, data processing, and service design products, workshops and training.

Equitable Communities

Social change needs an evidence base. We democratise access to information to help advocate, support and measure change – with open data, data sharing, and participative design.