Our Projects

Our projects are as varied as our communities but they all emphasise creative problem-solving and skills development—building your confidence in approaching and using data.

Building the Gender Data Lab in Barcelona.

We’ve been working with the civic sector in Barcelona to highlight important data about gender discrimination and bias.

Data Health Checks for Local Businesses.

We worked with a local business to help them understand how better data management could accelerate their growth plans.

Data and Design for Civic Leaders in Košice, Slovakia.

We’ve been working  with Creative Industry Košice (CIKES) to train civic leaders in a unique blend of design thinking and data skills.

Data for Green Spaces

We’re working on innovative approaches to capturing, sharing and using data in Plymouth’s green spaces as part of two major projects.

Working With Environmental Scientists in Aljezur, Portugal

We’ve been exploring how to embed data collection, management and sharing skills into fieldwork training as part of this ERASMUS-funded project.